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describe some problem that u had with automation testing

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describe some problem that u had with automation testing tool?..

Answer / ravi kumar

We generally face problems with Object Identification. QTP
sometimes could not recognize already identified object.

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describe some problem that u had with automation testing tool?..

Answer / dimple

In some webbased applications , for some list boxes
entering data manually using keyboard operations is so
but it is difficult situation in QTP. As it may not be a
listbox ,it can be treated as webelement by QTP and here
the keyboard controls have to be used to select the data
from that list box.( If the field is mandatory)

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describe some problem that u had with automation testing tool?..

Answer / pratikshya mishra

well actually i don't know its real answer but i think,

1>software problems occured
2>during run time some problems will occur

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