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What is Stored procedure ?

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What is Stored procedure ?..

Answer / nitin bisht

A stored procedure is a group of Transact-SQL statements
compiled into a single execution plan.

Stored procedures return data in four ways:
* Output parameters, which can return either data (such
as an integer or character value) or a cursor variable
(cursors are result sets that can be retrieved one row at a
* Return codes, which are always an integer value.
* A result set for each SELECT statement contained in
the stored procedure or any other stored procedures called
by the stored procedure.
* A global cursor that can be referenced outside the
stored procedure.

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What is Stored procedure ?..

Answer / siva kishore

Def:- Stored Procedure is a set of pre-compiled sql statements.

* No need to compile the sql queries again n again when
using frequently.

* Increases execution performance and also reduces the
burden on the database connection.

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What is Stored procedure ?..

Answer / ravishankar

Stored procedures are pre-compiled object in the Database
which is used to reduce the network traffic.

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What is Stored procedure ?..

Answer / arshi

Stored procedure is bunch of query. it more beneficial
then query.

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