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DB Administration Interview Questions
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As a part of your job, what are the DBCC commands that you commonly use for database maintenance?


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What are statistics, under what circumstances they go out of date, how do you update them?


What is RAID and what are different types of RAID configurations?

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What are the steps you will take to improve performance of a poor performing query?


What are the steps you will take, if you are tasked with securing an SQL Server?


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What is a deadlock and what is a live lock? How will you go about resolving deadlocks?

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What is blocking and how would you troubleshoot it?

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Explain CREATE DATABASE syntax?

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How to start SQL Server in minimal configuration mode?

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What are the different ways of moving data or databases between servers and databases in SQL Server?

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Explian different types of BACKUPs avaialabe in SQL Server? Given a particular scenario, how would you go about choosing a backup plan?

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What is database replicaion? What are the different types of replication you can set up in SQL Server?

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How to determine the service pack currently installed on SQL Server?

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Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefits associated with each?


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You have just had to restore from backup and do not have any control files. How would you go about bringing up this database?

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what is grd?


What is the difference between dropping a database and taking a database offline? : sql server DBA


When setting replication, can you have distributor on sql server 2005, publisher on sql server 2008? : sql server DBA


How to start SQL Server in minimal configuration mode?


Which autogrowth database setting is good? : sql server DBA


how can you implement fine-grained auditing?


What do the 9i dbms_standard.sql_txt() and dbms_standard.sql_text() procedures do?


What is the default fill factor value? : sql server DBA


What authentication modes does sql server support? : sql server DBA


How would you extract DDL of a table without using a GUI tool?


What happens on checkpoint? : sql server DBA


What types of replication are supported in sql server? : sql server DBA


What is a correlated sub-query? : sql server DBA


Explain the difference between a FUNCTION, PROCEDURE and PACKAGE.


I got an error SQL1042C. An unexpected system error occurred. Explanation: A system error occurred. One possible reason for this error is that the database manager is not installed correctly or the environment is not set up correctly. On OS/2, while trying to start the database manager, a very common reason for this error is a corrupted NET.ACC file. The command cannot be processed. The tables and views would not be opened. What is the way to open the dataase? pls help me