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MS Access Interview Questions
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Can you create a updatecascade, Deletecascade relation in Ms-Access? If yes, give an example?

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What is Tab Query Whats its advantage over Sql-Query

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how to u retrieve all tables along with all the data


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can primary key of one table be a primary key in many other tables

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What’re ERD and the main elements of an ERD? Please explain using an ERD example.

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Hello everybody, my self is Imtiyaz, i made a small database programm for challan in MS Access, but i am facing one problem in it... if u have seen any challan, it has few boxes like, crore, lacks, thousands, hundred, ten.....and when you put a figure like 20536, at that time in that boxis TWENTY will wrote in "thousand" box FIVE will be in "hundred" box and THIREE will be in "ten" box...... so, in sort i need to know that how can i do module for this that it appears automatically in perticular boxs...thanks

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How can I give discount condition in a sales table in MS Access?

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How can I give auto reorder mean when my stock will go below the reorder level at that time automaticaly replace order to supplier?


By using Macromedia Director How to fetch the data from Microsoft Excel?


I am using ms access and am stumped trying to determine the last three entries ( by date ) for each name in the database. Any help would be appreciated.

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can we create relastionship bet 2 tables in ms-access

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can ms access be used in a website instead of sql server?

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I have a reference table called 1. of 2 fields called 1.BadgeGroups(BG)and 1.Badges(B)like BG G aa 10 aa 11 bb 12 bb 13 bb 14 Using MS Design View Table 2 has 3 fields called, 2.badgegroup and In Table 2 called 2. they calls Table 1 for 2 fields BUT with the second field 2.badges, I want the combo box only to display the 1.badges where 2.badgegroup = 1.badgegroup The current select I have is for Table Data View Row Source is: 2.badgegroup is filled from a Combo box using Select Distinct etc from Table 1. Tried different syntax's but still lost, looking for some help SELECT 1.[BadgeGroup], 1.Badge FROM 1. WHERE 1.[BadgeGroup]=Me.2.BadgeGroup); I can populate 2.badgegroup with a


what is the 4 types of validation

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Which of the following is used to enter or display data via Internet? Data in it is stored as HTML files, with data read from and written to the database. Macros Queries Forms Pages


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you need to add parameters to a query in ms access database. How would you do that?


How many types of relationships are there in ms access?


Can I download microsoft access for free?


How you can import data from other sources into access database?


I am designing an Access database form. how can I get my next control in the form to be automatically selected?


What are access modules?


What are the limitations of ms access?


What is ms access and features?


What is microsoft access runtime?


List different query types in microsoft access database


How do I convert an access database to excel?


Can an access database be used online?


What are the benefits of ms access?


How to unlock microsoft access record locking information?


What is recordset in ms access?