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How do you troubleshoot if your tempdb gets filled


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what is the architechure of sybase ASE?


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Sybase 12.5 Database Statistics (Maximum)

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Sybase system databases

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In sybase, we can have multiple users associated to same login ,each corresponds to different databases, right? how can we login to one database with corresponding user id?


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what means of sybase ?? and how i can use sybase data base on my computer Iam the first use it >> any help please !

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What is a temp table? how to denote temp table?


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can i gat any proper material for sybase if possible plz let me know

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How can set the multipal database ?



how to do application monitoring through AutoSys?


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What is the difference between compression level 0 1nd 9

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what is directio?

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what is the difference between dbcc checkstorage and other dbcc commands

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What is the maximum nesting level of Stored Procedure and Triggers in Sybase?


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What is the use 'return' keyword in Stored Procedure?

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How can set the multipal database ?