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Database Management Interview Questions
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What are the steps involved in Database Startup ?


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What are the steps involved in Database Shutdown ?

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What is Restricted Mode of Instance Startup ?

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What are the different modes of mounting a Database with the Parallel Server ?

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What is Full Backup ?

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Can Full Backup be performed when the database is open ?

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What is Partial Backup ?

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What is On-line Redo Log?

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What is Mirrored on-line Redo Log ?

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What is Archived Redo Log ?

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What are the advantages of operating a database in ARCHIVELOG mode over operating it in NO ARCHIVELOG mode ?

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What is Log Switch ?

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What are the steps involved in Instance Recovery ?

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what is difference between 1.append to media 2.overright the existing media when we take back up in sql server2000

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What are the different methods of backing up oracle database ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Database Management }

Why is foreign key used?


List few restrictions that are imposed while creating views?


What are the basic components of notification services?


What are the different types of DBMS architecture?


What is indexing in database with example?


Explain, why is rdbms better than dbms?


Can you have more than one cursor open at any one time in a program ?


What is dbms and its functions?


How to drop all foreign keys in database?


What restrictions can you apply when you are creating views?


What are the characteristics of database?


Explain the different types of languages that are available in the dbms?


Why rdbms is not suitable for big data?


What are the parts of a table?


What is Database testing and What are ways of writing test cases for database testing?