Oracle Interview Questions
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How to create DSN..Explain?

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What is the difference between SQL, DDL, and DML?

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What are inner join and outer join?

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What are many types of joins are there?

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what are Triggers?


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what are stored procedures?

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what are many types of index's are there and what are they?

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what are views?


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what is the difference between oracle 81,91,11i

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How client makes connection with server in client/server architecture?


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Is Oracle 7.3 is a single user or multi user..Is it possible to use this as a backend for web applications?

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For web applications from which version of Oracle is suitable?

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What are the main diff. between oracle 7.3 and oracle 8i?

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What is Statement Auditing ?

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What are the use of Roles ?

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while i take backup using ibm tsm the following errors occurred: rman-03009 ora-19513 ora-27206 ora-19502 ora-27030 ora-ora19511


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What is the recommended interval at which to run statspack snapshots, and why?


How do you increase the OS limitation for open files (LINUX and/or Solaris)?


How to handle data if f table are more than one and each table contain thousands of entries?


what is Single Byte Overhead...?


HI, Please let me know the syllabus for Oracle OCA and OCP Certification


How to create Drill down report?


20. Using a set operator, display the client number of all clients who have never placed an order.


What happens internally when the user types userID/password@string in SQL PLUS Thanks-Bhaskar


a text item is there what r the different types of triggers associated with it


Is it possible to center an object horizontally in a repeating frame that has a variable horizontal size ?


8. Sort, Lookup What kind of technique (partition) is used? 9. How can you handle exceptions in job sequencer? 10. How do you apply custom conditions an exceptions (How do you trigger exceptions in job sequence?) 11. I have a job with 3 possibilities? Finish with ok…..Abort…….Warning} How do you handle these in Job sequencer 12. How do you connect both OK and Warning can we? 13. How to find which process is running currently? 14. How do you find the disk usage in UNIX? 15. How do you combine 2 sequential files having same metadata of same file names? 16. How do you implement SCD in Ds? 17. Explain the situation where you have applied? 18. How do you apply new changes to? 19. Difference between change capture and Change apply? 20. Explain Compare Stage? 21. What is Surrogate key? 22. How to solve the problem of null values?


Explain how you would restore a database using RMAN to Point in Time?


Which is better Oracle or MS SQL? Why?