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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?..

Answer / ravi

Select the invoice and go to Actions cilck on cancel button.
It is only possible if you selceted "Allow Adjustment to
Paid Invoices" in Payables Options.

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?..

Answer / masthan reddy

we can cancel the Invoice while it is not paid. if the
invoice payment is over we can't delete at all.

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?..

Answer / raj

1. We can cancel the invoices which are saved only, by

edit --> Delete

2. We connot delete validated and matched invoices but we
can cancel through Actions --> Cancel Invoice

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?..

Answer / bismaya sahoo

If the invoice is paid and reconciled then we cannot cancel
the invoice directly from the invoice work bench.
1. Unreconcile the invoice:
2. Void the payment
3. Invoice work bench go to Action and cancel the Invoice

If prepayment is applied to the invoice then we have to
unapply the prepayment and then cancel the invoice.

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?..

Answer / naru manikrishna

will u cancel the invoice ,just cancel the invoice ,invoice is there ,but accout is zero

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?..

Answer / michael ambe

posted invoices cannot be cancelled but can be reversed.
only saved but unposted invoices can be cancelled

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