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What is a Hold and Release

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What is a Hold and Release..

Answer / latha ummalaneni

You cannot pay an invoice that has a hold applied to it.
You can define as many invoice hold and release names as
you need.

In payables we have two types of holds,one system hold and
manual hold.they are used to hold a invoice before payment.
System hold is placed by system during validation of a
invoice if ther is any validation errors example
distribution variance ,this type of hold cannot release
manually,should be updated .

Manual hold are created by user,they can be released
manually by user.

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What is a Hold and Release..

Answer / ashok atthuluri

We are having Two types of Holds
1)Manual Hold: If you want to stop the invoice from payment that time by giving reason why you want to hold we can hold.

2)System Hold:If Invoice Header & Lines & Distribution amounts are not matching that time system will put the system hold on that invoice automatically. So by correcting the amount you can release the system hold.

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What is a Hold and Release..

Answer / suthi

yes answer us correct we can not pay in hold mode it will stop to pay . we have 2 types of holds i,e system hols and manual hold

System hold : we can not release this hold if we rectify the error system will release automatically

Manual Hold: we can release this hold

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