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What is Statement Testing

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What is Statement Testing..

Answer / sj

Statement testing one type in White box testing.Here we
every possible statement in the code is tested.

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What is Statement Testing..

Answer / batchu

Testing designed to execute each statement of a computer

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What is Statement Testing..

Answer / leela

Statement testing is a part of whitebox testing.In this we
have to verify the each line of the source code.

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What is Statement Testing..

Answer / masu

statement coverage is the assessment of the percentage of
executable statements that have been exercised by a test
case suite.

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What is Statement Testing..

Answer / sandeep dash

to test each line in a program. is called statment testing.

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What is Statement Testing..

Answer / smitha

Statement is nothing but set of instructions , so it is
nothing but testing each and every statement.

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