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What is the differnt between Test condition and TesT Scenario

Ness Technologies,

1 Manual Testing 1755

1. What is the difference betwwen Test condition and Test Scenario 2. What is the differnce between Test Conditon and Test Scenario

Ness Technologies, Saitech Data Systems,

1 Manual Testing 15604

1) What is the differrence in Test Strategy and Test Approach 2)What is System Integrartion Testing

Ness Technologies,

3 Manual Testing 6634

what is configuration testing

Ness Technologies,

1 Manual Testing 2092

what is configuration testing

Ness Technologies,

17 Manual Testing 57335

What is Statement Testing

Ness Technologies,

6 Manual Testing 12302

I am graduate and have 6 yrs of experience in Testing. How much salary can I demand or expect

3 Manual Testing 4746

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Question { 6365 }

WHAt is diff between test plan and test planning?


I have not come across as anything called Test Planning.
Please correct me if I am incorrect

Test plan consists of the following fielss
4.Features to be Tested
9.Entrance Criteria
10.Exit Criteria

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Question { Wipro, 5317 }

How do You Test Application with having any requirement and


It is a Very common question for testers. YOu
Can Answer it as

U Browsse the whole applicaation understand the gui and
functionality part of then decide to Test

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Question { 8611 }

Where do you get your expected results?


AS per my understanding we get the Expected Result from
Test Cases

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Question { 2719 }

How do you estimate staff requirements?


Hi If I am not mistaken are you mentioning about total man
days requried for completng the project.

It depends on the estimation of the project or applocation

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Question { 8738 }

what type of questions we can ask the interviewer after
finishing of the interview?


I wanted a suggetion

After the Interview is completed the General anwer is

HR Will contact you.

Should we follow up with the HR

Please reply

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Question { 11639 }

what is localization testing?is it a black box testing or
white box testing?describe briefly?


Localization testing: The program is modified to present
its user interface in a different language and/or following
a different set of cultural rules. Localization testing may
involve several old tests (some of which have been modified
to take into account the new language) along with several
new (non-regression) tests

Black Box Testing
Testing is based on behaviour of the application .
in black box testing testers does not require code language

White box testing
testing is based on internal structure of the application
in white box testing testers requires code language

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Question { 4558 }

What techinques do you follow during testing?


Testing Techniques are

2.white Box testing

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Question { 4675 }

hi i am arun In interview i will answer( the allinterview
com ) answers it is accepatable by interviewer it is real
time answer only


Hi Arun,
Since you are new to Testing. Please verify wtih other
websites like for testing

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Question { 4444 }

What is test belt?


I think it is test Bed and not belt u r mistaken

Test bed
An environment is created for testing purpose. A test bed
may refer to software only or both hardware and software.

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Question { 13677 }

What is meant by TRM in Testing?


TRM is test responsibility matrix. it is 15* 5 matrix where
test lead like people will do mapping between development
stages and testing issues.

Development stages INfo gathering Design Coding
System testing Main

testing issues

1)Ease of use - -

2) Authorization




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Question { CTS, 30086 }

Most of the HR s are asking official mail id of current
company, say if iam keeping satyam , they are asking satyam
mail id before taking Cvs.
I have to keep 4 yrs.previous 1.5 yrs one company,next 1.5
yrs one company and current 6 months one company.
Please tell me any consultancies or companies both in
chennai, bangalore(
not in hyderabad), who can provide an official mail id .Iam
planning to keep exp. in 3 small companies( not MNCs)
iam trying on 3.5 yrs manual testing in chennai,bangalore
my mail id


U are right they are asking for the ids

I think it is better to tailor ur resume in smaller

companies than bigger mnc.

check the following sites

I think it is sufficent,

wish u all the best

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Question { 5055 }

can any body pls tell me an example for a bug having high
sivirioty and low priority..........?


Suppose in Application there is spelling mistake in the
Company then in this case the Severity is High but
priority is low

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Question { Geometric Software, 7769 }

What type of Testing u done ur project?


I am using Black Box testing
please write the application u r testing

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Question { Cap Gemini, 7618 }

Give me different methodologies used in testing?


Testing Methods are of 4 types

1) Water Fall Methodology

2) RUP (Rational unified process) Methodology

3) AGILE methodology

4) X-Treme Methodology

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Question { Ordain Solutions, 6104 }

What is quality control?


Quality control describes the directed use of testing to
measure the achievement of a specified standard. Quality
control is a formal (as in structured, not as in wearing-a-
tuxedo fancy) use of testing. Quality control is a superset
of testing, although it often used synonymously with
testing. Roughly, you test to see if something is broken,
and with quality control you set limits that say, in
effect, if this particular stuff is broken then whatever
you're testing fails.

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