what do you mean by .Net Framework

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / remya murali

It is a collection of classes and services.It exists as a
layer between.NET applications and underlying operating
ie it encapsulates the basic functionality that was
eaerlier built into programming languages such as debugging
and security services.

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / ilayaraja

.Net framework is a runtime environment that makes it much
easier to write good,robust code quickly and to
manage ,deploy and revise the code

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / satyambabu

The .net frame work contain the utilities and tools.
The .net frame work has two main components.
1>common language run time and
2>.net frame work class library
common language runtime
runtime agent the manages code at executin time,providing
core services such as memory management and
threadmanagemant remorting security and robustness.

class library
class library is acomprehensive,objectoriented collection
of reusable types that you can use to develop applications
ranging from traditional command line or graphical
userinterface(GUI).APPLICATION TO APPLICATION based on
latest innovations provided by asp.net,such as web forms
and xml webservices.

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / aparna

the .Net framework actually wraps the O.S insulating
software development with .Net
for most of the O.S specifics such as file handling and
memory allocation

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / neetu chauhan

.net framework is a collection of services & classes.it
exists as a layer b/w .net applications 7 the underlying
operating system.
.net framework consists of web forms,window forms & console
applications that pertain to the presentation layer of the
.net framework consists of two other components,the .net
framework base classes & common language runtime(CLR).

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / shana vahid

.Net framework is the layer between Application developed in
the .net and operating system.
.net Framework is the platform for building, deploying and
running application ans services.
.net framework contain 2 Main parts
1. CLR
2.Class Libraries

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / praveen_pn66

.NET frame work is collection of services and objetoriented
software progamming

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / srinivas

It is a special s/w Which will mask the functionality of
os and makes the program to run under its control

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / quratulain

According to MicroSoft The .Net Frame Word is a Platform
for Building ,Deploying and Running Web Services and
Applications.It provides a highly productive,Standards-
Based ,MultiLanguge Enviroment
It consists of three Main parts :
1.Common Language Runtime(CLR)
2.A Hierarehical Set of Unified Class Libraries.
3.A Componentized version of Active Server Pages Called

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what do you mean by .Net Framework..

Answer / renuka

.Net Framework is a s/w environment which sits on operating
system that has lot of precoded components like
design,develop,deploy a variety of applications including
web and windows based applications.

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