when will u write user aceptance test cases before
functional or after?

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when will u write user aceptance test cases before functional or after?..

Answer / karthik g

Writing the Test cases for the UAT depends on the SDLC
model we follow. For Eg., in case we are using V Model, we
can prepare our UAT Test plan once the Business Requirement
Document is signed off. Once the plan is ready we can write
the test cases. Usually in UAT, we wont get into lower
levels and thus we will have the high level Test Scenarios
and Test conditions ready.. These conditions can be
executed once the System testing is signed off!!!

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when will u write user aceptance test cases before functional or after?..

Answer / mohan

User Acceptance test case is that the test case have been
prepared by the Client/user after the completion of the
functional and system testing.

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