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wht is format triger?

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wht is format triger?..

Answer / malleswar

The trigger can be used to dynamically change the
formatting attributes of the object. Format triggers are
PL/SQL functions executed before the object is
formatted.The function must return a Boolean value (TRUE or
FALSE). Depending on whether the function returns TRUE or
FALSE, the current instance of the object is included or
excluded from the report output. You can access format
triggers from the Object Navigator, the Property Palette,
or the PL/SQL Editor.

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wht is format triger?..

Answer / samaresh

A format trigger can fire multiple times for a given
object, whenever Reports Builder attempts to format the
object. Consider the case where Reports Builder starts to
format the object at the bottom of a page. If the object
does not fit on the page, Reports Builder stops formatting
and reformats on the following page. In this case, the
format trigger will fire twice. It is therefore not
advisable to do any kind of "persistence" operation, such
as logging, in this trigger.

The Reports Builder SRW built-in package contains PL/SQL
procedures with which you can quickly change the format
attributes of an object.
These include procedures to:
change the border pattern and color of an object change the
interior pattern and color of an object change the font
size, style, weight, spacing, and justification of a field
or boilerplate text change the format mask of a field
access a field's value

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wht is format triger?..

Answer / muneer



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wht is format triger?..

Answer / ramesh babu v

It formats the data before displaying output data.It is the
pl/sql function and it returns the boolean
values(TRUE/FALSE).If return TRUE the layout displays.

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