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Can we customize a form with out template.fmb

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Can we customize a form with out template.fmb..

Answer / ravindra g

--TEMPLATE.fmb is used to develop a new form(As for APPS
standards), NOT for customization.
--For customization use CUSTOM.pll OR go through

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Can we customize a form with out template.fmb..

Answer / madhu

With form personlization feature we can customize the form
up to some extent.

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Can we customize a form with out template.fmb..

Answer / venkat kolla

To have a look and feel of our new form as Oracle
Applications form, we need to customize a new form using
template.fmb .
Template.fmb will consist of all the necessary libraries
attached, a sample block and control block, property
classses etc.

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Can we customize a form with out template.fmb..

Answer / amit bhatnagar

Yes.An existing form can be customized without using
template.fmb since it already has the look and feel and
other standard functionality of apps. but Oracle doe not
recommend that since in future you may require the original
form. so to achieve the same we follow template.fmb

For customization CUSTOM.pll OR personalization can also
be used.

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Can we customize a form with out template.fmb..

Answer / venkatesh

yes we can customize form with custom.pll or
if u want to make any code changes that time we ill go for
custom.pll for backend
for small modificatios we can use only personalisation.on
front end.

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