write negative testcases for notepad

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write negative testcases for notepad..

Answer / keshab kumar singh

Usability Testing
1 - Change The color of word & Character
2 - Try to Open File othere then .txt file Like .Pdf ,.doc
3 - try to paste Picture ,Graphics & Image
4 - try to draw any diagram , like :- line , circle ,

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write negative testcases for notepad..

Answer / priya

tc1:change fontcolor
tc2:change fontsize always
tc2:save the file as .doc or.pdf
tc3:dont save the file at all.
tc4:hide it in recyclebin
tc5:try to paste pictures
tc6:try to run it as desktop icon.

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write negative testcases for notepad..

Answer / hareesh

1) Open, Save, Save As, New, Fonts, Size, Closing.
2) Open & Save As with different formats like .txt, .pdf,
.doc, .PNG, etc.
3) Save with pictures.
4) Close without saving should prompt alert message to save
or not.
5) Save with max data in MB's for performance and load testing.
6) Verify all the above operations using keyboard shortcut keys.
7) Open the notepad file and delete it on desktop.
8) Open the notepad file and change file location.
9) After delete check whether file is moving to recycle bin.
10) File should be recovered properly from recycle bin.

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