The Senario is
Steps to do
1.Entered userid in textbox
2.saved with details
3.i want to open user which i have created

its in hurry.....

The Senario is Steps to do 1.Entered userid in textbox 2.saved with details 3.i want to open use..

Answer / guest

What i understood is Enter USerid and save that in to DB
and retrive from DB, if the scenarion is that then the
script will be

set conn = createObject(ADODB.conection);
set comm = createObject(ADODB.command);
set rs = createObject(ADODB.Recordset);
conn.provider = "Provide the DB provider name"
comm.activeconnection=conn; = "insert x into user";
comm.execute; "select * from user",conn

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