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Cn u please clarify my doubt Where are micTab and micReturn
used.Thanx in Advance

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Cn u please clarify my doubt Where are micTab and micReturn used.Thanx in Advance..

Answer / malathy

MicTab is used to move the cursor to next tab.

MicReturn has the functionality of "Enter" key.

For Instance,
Dialog ("Login").WinEdit ("Agent Name:"). type "hgfo"
Dialog ("Login").WinEdit ("Agent Name:"). type mictab
Dialog ("Login").WinEdit("Password:").Type "mercury"
Dialog ( "Login"). WinEdit ( "Password:"). Type micTab

Dialog ( "Login"). WinButton ( "OK"). Type micReturn

After typing the username, mictab should be used to make
the cursor move to the next tab (i.e Password).
micreturn should be used to press the "OK" button after
providing the password.

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Cn u please clarify my doubt Where are micTab and micReturn used.Thanx in Advance..

Answer / param

micTab and micReturn are the keyboard input constants.

Example scenario: you have a google page opened. cursor
pointed to webeditbox.
you want to search a book.
you type the book name and click search.

If you want to perform this using qtp, you can use
This gives you a visual perception of the mouse click.

Instead of using a click of mouse which gives us a visual
perception, we can make the keyboard to do this task using type
browser().page().webedit.type micTab
browser().page().webbutton("search").type micReturn
Note: Fill the elements in the brackets- browser and page

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