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What are phetom item? How are they user in business case?

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What are phetom item? How are they user in business case?..

Answer / deepak

It is the non-stockable item .phantom items are treated
just like assemblies except that the phantom item itself
does not show up when an assembly is exploded. The child
items of the phantom are blown through and appear as
children of the parent item to the phantom.

For example, I have an assembly called 5887M which contains
a phantom item called 445-0001. When I add the 5887M to a
work order and explode the 5887M ,the 445-0001 will not
appear in the pick list, but it's children will appear.

ERP handles phantom items in work orders in the following
way. A phantom item will be exploded so that all it's
child items will be in the work order. After the work order
is exploded, you will notice that the phantom item will not
appear in the exploded BOM of the work order.

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What are phetom item? How are they user in business case?..

Answer / harish kumar sharma

Hope this post find you well.
Phantom means That which has only an apparent existence.

Tyre Assembly ( Phantom) = Type + Flapper + Rim + tube

But you never buy it, only Type + Flapper + Rim + tube
are baught.Only get it prepared on the shopfloor for the
faster production.

When it will be exploded in the WIP Job, the 4 item will
appear and will be consumed not this phantom assembly.

Harish Sharma

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What are phetom item? How are they user in business case?..

Answer / manish sharma

A phantom item starts out as a normal manufactured item
that is stocked and issued individually. As a manufactured
item, a BOM (Bill of Material) and Routing exist, but for
production efficiency this item has been chosen to be built
as part of the parent process, and therefore no longer
stocked and issued. This eliminates unnecessary work
orders, stocking and issuing, streamlines the production
process and reduces costly labor hours.

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