What is procedure?

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What is procedure?..

Answer / kiran kumar

---- is a named pl/sql block to perform a specific task.
---- A procedure may have DML statements.
---- It may or may not return a value.
---- Procedure can return more than one value.

Example for procedure
1)To accept the year as a parameter and list emp belong to
the year?
Create or replace
Procedure empy(y number) is
Cursor emp_cursor is
Select * from emp where to_char(hiredate,?yyyy?)=?y?;
Emp_record emp%rowtype;
For emp_record in emp_cursor loop
Print (emp_record.empno);
Print (emp_record.ename);
Print (emp_record.sal);
End loop;
Output :
var empx number;
:empx := ?1234?;
Exec empy(:empx);
Print empy;

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What is procedure?..

Answer / nidhi

Procedure consist of set of the PL/SQL statments that are
grouped togather as a unit to solve a specific problem or
perform set of related tasks.
-->May or may not return the value.
-->can not use in teh sql queries because returns more than
one value.

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What is procedure?..

Answer / chandrasekhar

procedure is subprogram in pl/sql that contains a set of
SQL and PL/SQL statements.Subprograms once we executed can
be used in any no.of applications

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