Mphasis Question Paper Exam Date:04-08-2007

Answer / tiby samuel

Mphasis Question Paper
1hour 5 mins
60 questions
No negative marks
Exam Date:04-08-2007

In the first section there were 2 paragraphs about
Operating System and Threads and the questions related to
those paragraphs

In the second section there were aptitude questions
1) 1000 Litre milk contains some percent milk and some
percent water. Now add some 70 Litre water to the above
mixture. What is the percentage of water in the mixture? I
dont remember the values...

2)Questions using Venn Diagrams like
80% of students got distinction. 4 students got distinction
in Hindi,malayalam & english. 3 students got distinction in
malayalam and hindi. 6 students got distinction in hindi
and english. 2 students got distinction in malayalam and
english. (The values may not be correct)
And then solve questions like
i)how many got distinction in only malayalam and hindi.
ii)how many got distinction in only hindi and malayalam
iii)how many got distinction in atleast 2 subjects
and so on..

3)Then mark 1 if the problem can be solved using only
statement 1
mark 2 if the problem can be solved using only
statement 2
mark 3 if the problem can be solved using both
mark 4 if the problem can be solved using
neither statements

i) two boys playin on a swing want to find out how heigh
the swing will go.
statement 1:the swing is resting on a block of height 5cm
statement 2:the length of the swing board is some 75cm
options a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4

5 or 6 questions like that

In third section they asked OS
Questions related to malloc,stack,queue

1)what is the position where the elements are added to or
deleted from a stack is called?
a)top b)bottom c)front d)rear


In the fourth section they asked C programming

Questions related to pointers.
A prog is given and we have to find its output.
You should have thorough knowledge about pointers

These are all what I remember. Hope it's somewhat helpful.

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