Difference between task flow and linear task flow

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what is informatica metadata?

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What is the need of etl tools?

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What is meant by target load plan?

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There is a table with emp salary column how to get the fields belongs to the salary greater than the average salary of particular department. Write a query

7 Answers   IBM,

One flatefile it contains some data but i want to dont want to load first and last record ..how it is? can u tell me complete logic?

2 Answers  

i having mapping emp---> sq_emp--->target using this mapping i have to load dept table values into target... (condition assume there is no primary and foreign key relation between emp(table x) and dept (table Y))

5 Answers   Cap Gemini,

How many transformations can be used in mapplets.

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what we require for D.modelling?

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how will you get 21 to 30 record from 50 records?

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what is mean by complex business rule ?

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,

case and like function in informtica (my source is XML). case when OS Like'%Windows%' and OS Like '%200%' then 'Windows 200' case when OS Like'%Windows%' and OS Like '%200%'and OS like '%64%' then 'windows 200 64 bit' etc.,,

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what is the difference between onsite & client site?

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