2 input fles: 2 flat files, with different number of records. both are having unique key for each record and already sorted in ascending order . match these files using unique key and in output only matching key value has to be written. please procide cobol logic

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can we display comp-3 variables. if we want to display what we have to do . give me one example

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Why occurs can not be used in 01 level ?

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what is scope terminator

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suppose there is one PF having two members PF1 PF2.PF has one unique key Emp ID.could you tell me uniqueness in PF will be effective across members as well ? assume emp iD 3333 is in member PF1 would same Emp id be exist also in member PF2 ?

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wirte a pgm in using files in which we hav 10 ,20,30 40...100 records in inputfile and i want them to be send to outputfile in reverse order. PLZ HELP ME OUT .........THIS IS A RECENT QUESTION IN IGATE..

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What are differences between COBOL and java ? why we are giving more preference to COBOL ?

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a. Can the OPTIONAL clause in COBOL only be coded for input files? b. If it is coded for files opened in OUTPUT, I-O or EXTEND mode, will it give a compilation error? c. If there are no compilation errors and if such files are not coded in the JCL, will the OPEN statement run fine when these files are opened? d. How will a WRITE statement work for the above files?

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How many variables can be declared in w-s section.?

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Without using move verb how to move one variable to another.

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What is the reference modification.

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How can we find out wether to declare the data items like Integer, Char,Comp? If comp types how can we decide wether it is Comp and Comp3.How it is? Please Explain... Cheers.

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