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What will be the skew for,
input file->partition by key-> partition by round robin->output file

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What is data mapping and data modelling?

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What does de-partition mean in abinitio?

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When using multiple dml statements to perform a single unit of work, is it preferable to use implicit or explicit transactions, and why?

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What mpjret contains ? How to use in abinitio graph?

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We have file having country_name customer_name.For exp London Ram Bangalore Rohit London Shyam Bangalore Abhinav In output we need 2 files one file for london and second file for Bangalore.How to acheve this?

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What information does a .dbc file extension provides to connect to the database?

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If m loading a file of 1 million records.and the graph fails after loading 10,000 records. In this case if we use rollback command then what will happen?

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How do we extract data from client machine?

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What is the difference between sandbox and EME?

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What is the significance of record required indicator of Join component ? How to use in abinitio graph?

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What is the difference between look-up file and look-up, with a relevant example?

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What is the difference between formal and export parameter? Export at what secenario we are going to use?

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