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TetraSoft Interview Questions
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Explain basic SQL queries with SELECT from where Order By, Group By-Having?

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What is the latest version that is available in Ab-initio?

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what r the job openings SAS for fresher graduates !


h0w many versions have been developed of onformatica so far?


Is Cursor exicutable ?

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what are the error codes in cobol, db2, cics, vsam , and jcl

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How to delete first 3 rows & last 3 rows in target table in informatica

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how remove 1st 3 records & last 3 records in informatics

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i have two source data there is no pk,fk how to join the two sources

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i have job card like this //job ***** //step1 exec pgm=iebgener //sysut1 dd dsn=main.sss,disp=shr // dd dsn=main1.sss,disp=shr // dd dsn=main2.sss,disp=shr //sysut2 dd dsn=out1.mmm ,disp=(new,catlg,delete) dcb=( ) // sysin dd * like this what i have to do to skip dsn=main1.sss please giveme answer asap

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interview type questions like basics&deep


mainframe questions like basic&depth


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i have executed a report via back ground job, in this report i have used enqueue and dequeue function modules on a table, but before releasing the lock(before dequeue function module is not call) job gives the dump, so the lock is not released the table, here my question is how to set the lock automatically release the there is a short dump before calling the dequeue module?


TetraSoft Interview Questions