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Can we change a FB file to VB file in JCL? Please help

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what sort card you will use to copy the data from one dataset to another dataset?

0 Answers   IBM,

What is RESTART? How is it invoked?

8 Answers   HSBC,

What is Automatic Restart ? EXEC PGM = PROG1, RD = R (Is it the Restart of a JOBSTEP or Restarting the execution of the program?) Do we Restart it or it automatically Restarts executing again and again ? Then when it will finish executing ? or After Abending, when we submit it again, then it is Restarted from the Last successful Checkpoint ? If some JOBSTEP is abending, what is the benifit to Restart it, WILL IT NOT ABEND AGAIN if you don't change the LOGIC ?

1 Answers   IBM,

A. Job Abended in STEP03. Now run job again to execute STEP03, STEP04 (STEP01,STEP02 should not execute again)

3 Answers   Cap Gemini, CSC, Xchanging,

How many positional parameters are there in job statement?

4 Answers  

How do you overcome this limitation ?

0 Answers  

How do you create a temporary dataset? Where will you use them?

2 Answers   IBM,

what is XSUM in some fields= none, xsum ??

7 Answers   Xansa,

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0 Answers   Keane India Ltd,

how to eliminate the duplicates in sorting

4 Answers   Fidelity,

suppose i have 10 job steps and i want to execute only step 6.How to write?

6 Answers  

how are instream data terminated?

3 Answers   Tech Mahindra,