What is the maximum and minimum length of macro variable

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"What is the difference between proc sort nodup and proc sort nodupkey?"

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Mention the category in which sas informats are placed?

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Can we create datasets by proc step ? (Proc contents, Means)?

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Do you know the features of sas?

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what is TAB delimiter? explain about it? what will you do to get TAB delimiter?

3 Answers   Cap Gemini,

explain the proc in sas? : Sas-administrator

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Name and describe few sas character functions that are used for data cleaning in brief.

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In SAS how to read the variable values having different formats. eg:mar99,mar1999 (in a single variable)

8 Answers   GSK GlaxoSmithKline,

how does sas handle missing values in a merge? : Sas programming

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i have a dataset with 100 obs i want to generate title from 20th obs onwards with total observations. that should contain 100 obs.dont use firstobs and dnt split the data. use dataset block or proc report? how can we genarate;

0 Answers   L&T,

Hi, I have one dataset like id date ex: id date 1 13 1 13Oct2011 2 14 2 14Oct2011 3 15 3 15Oct2011 --->this is the current date here i want date format like 13Oct2011,14Oct2011 how we can modify the numeric to date format plz answer.

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how to shift the rows to cols? eg: i have like field1 field2 field3 10 20 20 this should be displayed as field1 10 field2 20 field3 30 (without the obs col) how do this?can i use transpose or tell me suitable way to do this?

3 Answers   CMC,