for example You have One Table with 4 Columns (Mgr ID, Department ID, Salary, Employee ID). Can you find out the Average Salary and Number of Employee present per Department and Mgr

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How many areas for files does datastage have?

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which is the most complex job in your career? Please tell me answer?

2 Answers   IBM, Wipro,

1.What is a delta record? How you will read it? 2.What are the different types of sorting?

0 Answers   EDS,

how many rows sorted in sort stage by default in server jobs

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by using dsjob..we can run only one job at a time?how can u run multiple jobs at a time in unix?

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In the source seq file have 2 columns, i.e input: col1,col2 1,1 2,rajesh 3,15000 4,2 5,suresh 6,16000 7,3 8,veeru 9,17000 I want in the output like: eno,ename,sal 1,rajesh,15000 2,suresh,16000 3,veeru,17000 any one answer this scenario

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what is the new version in Datastage ? what is the diff b/t New vesion & 7.5 version?

12 Answers   Wipro,

How can we read latest records in a text file named file1.txt using seq file stage only? file1 having 100 records in that 5 record sare latest records.How can we read that latest records?

3 Answers   Caterpillar,

Please explain me the difference between 3 types of slowly changing dimension in datawarehousing?

3 Answers   TCS,

How do you import and export data into datastage?

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which r the connectors used in san?

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What is ds designer?

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