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Why do we use anonymous method in c#?

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difference between keyword internal and protected?

5 Answers   HCL,

What is Reflection in .NET? Namespace? How will you load an assembly which is not referenced by current assembly?

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How many destructors can a class have?

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What is difference between value and reference types?

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How do you generate documentation from the C# file commented properly with a command-line compiler?

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Explain partial class in c#?

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what is the real use of interface in c#,other than that multiple inheritance is not possible

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What is desktop example?

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how to Create a datagridview control with check box column with 8rows in it, the maximum number of check boxes checked should be 3, when user checks the 4th corresponding message should be displayed and check box should be checked. User can uncheck the checked boxes Note: read-only property should not be used

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What do you use c# for?

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Any problem found in

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What is the base class of all classes in c#?

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