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Does c# support #define for defining global constants?

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Hello Mohammed year BCA in Jamal Mohamed College 2009. Trichy. My doubt is while connecting SQL2005 Built in Database withing the Visual Studio 2005 Framework.. I am getting the error.. That " An Error occurred and it may be due to , under the default settings of the Server, the connection cannot be established.." But the code works in MS Access for me.. Both in VB.Net and C#.Net am getting the same error.. Any genius please Message me to 9994558822 or mail me..

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What is lazy loading entity framework?

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Major difference between Basic httpbinding and WShttpbinding?

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Is XML case-sensitive?

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What are generic types?

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What is difference between private and protected?

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Can non-default constructors be used with single call sao?

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If there are 2 interface IParentInterface & IChildInterface as follows. interface IParentInterface { void InterfaceMethod(); } interface IChildInterface : IParentInterface { void InterfaceMethod(); } Both the interface contains method with same name InterfaceMethod(). How InterfaceMethod() will be handled in IChildInterface as its deriving IParentInterface

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How can I produce an assembly?

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What is the difference between interface and abstract class in c#?

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In .NET how can you solve the DLL Hell problem?

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What is the main purpose of delegates in c#?

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