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what is PDCA?

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what is PDCA? ..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

PDCA - Plan-Do-Check-Act
This is also called Dieming Wheel(named after Jhon Dieming)
It is cycle which is rep repeated until the product reaches
to final quality.

Plan- plan the sw product/appilication according to
Do- Do according to requirements

Check -check the work whether it is going according to

Act- Act (correct) the work if there is any deviations from
the desired requirements.

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what is PDCA? ..

Answer / sidhartha

"Plan-Do-Check-Act" is a continuous quality framework
based on Dr. Edward Deming's famous rapid
application "spiral" development model
for quality through a continuous improvement process to
promote effective
testing methods in both structured and unstructured

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