what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?

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what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?..

Answer / uday kumar. a

1. Bug name
2. Bug Description
3. In which module u r getting
4. What is the severity
5. What is the priority
6. Environments
7. Preconditions
8. Time

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what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?..

Answer / rahul

1.Title of the defect
2.Description of the defect
3.Type of defect
4. Severity
5. Attachments of screenshots
6. Steps to reproduce the defect
7. Environment details

If defect is result of failure of test case, always
associate defect with the test case or else select the
correct type of the defect if it is general.

Always remember that the tester should specify the defect
in detail so that developer can understand the problem
correctly and apply the appropriate solution. Clarification
time on the defect can be minimized.

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what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?..

Answer / andy

One small correction to Uday's answer, never a tester
decides the priority, it is left to the dev team to decide.

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what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?..

Answer / raju korti

* we should analyse the bug and mention in which test case
it belongs

* we should also analyse is this bug belongs to limitation
and knowni-issue.

*we should put input value expected value and what actual

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what sort of things what u put in Bug Report ?..

Answer / lakshmana rekha basu

3 main things that developer would look at which saves his
what is the expected result
what is the actual result

bug identifier
Functional specification number

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