Describe to me the Software Development Life Cycle as you
would define it?

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Describe to me the Software Development Life Cycle as you would define it? ..

Answer / meenakshi

Software Development Life Cycle is a systematic approach to
problem solving. In most of the development organisations
there is no systematic methodology for the dev. Generally,
s/w development is considered as coding though coding forms
a very small percentage of the total development effort
before starting the coding one has to systematically
approach the problem. To develop a s/w in a systematic way
this S/w cycle is introduced. convenient way of
splitting this whole process into five phrases those are
1.requirements 2.desing 3. coding 4. testing 5.
1. requirements phrase: the purpose of this phrase is to
define the requirements completely and it should be
documented and agreed with customer before passing to next
phase. one has to gather information abt the users,
environment, security, performance, functions. Business
Analyst gather inf. from client by conducting meetings and
input: is inf.gathered from client
process:requirement analysis
output is S/w Requirements specification and Requirements
Traceability Matrix.

2. Design: this phase should provide the programmers
necessary inf. to design and write s/w progrmmes to perform
well defined tasks. the design specidifcation should
address the following areas database designs, data
conversions, user interface designs, External interfaces.
Output of design phase is HLD and LLD, High level Doc.
includes overall functionality of the appln. and Low level
Doc. includes each individual module of the appln.
input: will be SRS doc
Process: is Design
Output: is Detailed Design Doc.

3. Coding: Design is converted into code while doing
coding enough documentation has to be embedded in the code
for easy understanding of the code by others.
input: validated Design Doc, SRS
Process: coding
Output is Source code

4. Testing: Soruce code is converted into an executiable
code and various test inputs are given. For every test
input the output is analyzed to chekc whether the programme
is functioning directly
the output of the is stage is completely tested s/w which
meets the requirements specifications.

input: SRS, Test Plan, Detailed design Doc., coding
Process: Testing
output is bug free s/w product

5. Maintainence: Once all the above phrases are completed
a s/w project enters the maintainence phase of the s/w life
cycle. Maintainence includes the following activities
problem resolutions, interface modifications, functional
expansion or performance improvement.

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Describe to me the Software Development Life Cycle as you would define it? ..

Answer / xxx

SDLC is a formal and logical steps taken to develop a
software product.

steps involved are:
Requirement gathering
maintenance and implementaion

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