What are the types of session in asp.net?

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What does it mean your session has timed out?

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what is Disco?what it will do?

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How can i include both C# and vb.net classes in same solution?

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IN an ASP.NET Web application if there is any error, how can you debug?

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What is web.config and machine.config ?

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Explain transparent caching with aop?

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How do session tokens work?

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You are creating a Web site for Your company. You receive product lists in the form of XML documents. You are creating a procedure to extract information from these XML documents according to criteria that your users will select. When a user makes a request, you want the results of these requests to be returned as quickly as possible. What should you do? A . Create an XmlDataDocument object and load it with the XML dat Use the DataSet property of the object to create a DataSet object. Use a SQL SELECT statement to extract the requested dat B . Create an XmlDataDocument object and load it with the XML data. Use the SelectNodes method of the object to extract the requested data. C . Create an XPathDocument object and load it with the XML data. Call the CreateNavigator method to create an XPathNavigator object. Call the Select method of the XPathNavigator object to run an XPath query that extracts the requested data. D . Create an XmlReader object. Use the Read method of the object to stream through the XML data and to apply an XPath expression to extract the requested data.

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Difference between abstract class and interface

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Can you explain the difference between an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset?

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Write code to send e-mail from an asp.net application?

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On Age field how many Asp.Net validation controls will be suit?

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