How many types of number system are there?

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Why should to management LAN? What are needed in LAN to manage network? Where is LAN use? How to link LAN?

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please send me last year question for executive tranees in ntpc on my email ID

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Explain when a sample of germanium and silicon having same impurity density are kept at room temperature then resistivity of silicon will be higher than that of germanium, why?

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What is the difference between microprocessor and DSP?

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In OC-n why n X 51.84 Mbps??? How 51.84 Mbps is come it is a limit of STS-1 or something else.???

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why is the diffusion technique of formation of resistor most widely used?

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for small size, high frequency, the most common core material is a)air b)ferrite c)powdered ion d)steel

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i want to held the examination of the gave the condition &prepare to eam &whose subjet are chose

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Q.1. What do you mean by FDMA? Explain in details. Q.2. What are active & passive elements in BTS? Q.3. Name the equipments required for 2+2+2. Q.4. What is the function of BB2F card? Q.5. What is the function of BOI card? Q.6. Which modulation we use in case of GPRS? Q.7. Which slot is reserved for GPRS? Q.8. What is the height of BTS? Q.9. What is the height of ESMA card? Q.10. How many maximum slots we can use in ESMA card? Q.11. We use PSWA card in which case? Q.12. We use PSWB card in which case? Q.13. How many types of Transmission cards are in Ultra BTS? Q.14. How many types of Transmission cards are in Flexi BTS? Q.15. What will happen if we change the polarity of microwave antenna? Q.16. What is the full form of ARFCN? Q.17. What is the function of TRAU? Q.18. Explain the structure of entire GSM. Q.19. Explain the configuration of 4+4+4. Q.20. Which type of connector we use in FIFA card? Q.21. Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna/ Q.22. What are the different types of GSM antenna? Q.23. What do you mean by Splitter? Q.24. Convert the 16 W power into dBm. Q.25. Explain the different steps of Commissioning. Q.26. What do you mean by protection loop? Q.27. What is the correct way of weather proofing? Q.28. Can we use 7GC instead of 15GC? Q.29. What is the function of Duplexer? Q.30. What are the different elements of MSC? Q.31. Write the total description of Ultra Commissioning.

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Define amplifier.

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What is High frequency transformer cores made of?

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what is OpenBTS?

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