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what is a .xap file? Explain with an example.

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What is webresource axd?

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What are the versions of garbage collection?

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What is the difference between Classic ASP and ASP.Net?

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What is view state and how this can be done and was this there in asp ?

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public key?

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How can I have a particular web page in an application which displays its own error page?

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calling result set one procedure to anothar procedure in sql2000

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Why is global asax is used?

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What is the use of web.config file?

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What are the different ways of processing data in ASP page in the server side (like Forms, QueryStrings etc)?

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if i wanna deploy my project to the production server and situation is that i m still not compiled my project i have as-is on my development side now on production server we dont have a visual studio now what kind of settings i need to be to do in webconfig /machine.config file to deploy my project and in iis too....

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Define ViewState and how can it be used?

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