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What is predefined event?

What is predefined event?..

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Predefined we can see event wait task.
1. it will wait for file it also called file watcher

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Is LOAD MANAGER AND LOAD BALANCER same in informatica?

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How does the server recognize the source and target databases. Elaborate on this.

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Using Connected or unconnected lookup for performance wise which one is preferable?.

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wf dont have integration severances how you can run?

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I have source like col1,col2,col3,col4 and the values are like 3,6,1,7 1,5,3,8 2,1,5,6 i want the output like 3,6,7 5,3,8 2,5,6 How we will achieve in this scenario in informatica level. Please help me.. Thanks in advance..

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1,If there are 3 workflows are running and if 1st workflow fails then how could we start 2nd workflow or if 2nd workflow fails how could we start 3rd workflow?

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can every transfomation reusable?how?

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pmscmd startworkflow -sv <host name> -d <domain name> -u <user name> -p <password> -f <folder name> <workflow name> while running this command I got the error as "no gateway connectivity is provided for your domain name". So anyone please help me how to rectify this error?

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Had any one faced informatica(ETL/Developer), Datawarehouseing interview in UK. Than plz help me (i have any exprience of 3yrs informatica,datawarehousing,oracle,teradata) 1.hw the procedure will b here 2. wht type of question's they will b asking. 3.In which area they concertate more. since this is the first time im facing interview in UK. plz help will b a great help for me thanks to All in Advance

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Can you please mail me a copy of Informatica Certification Exam dumps to

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