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Explain about nucleophilic, electrophilic and free radical

Explain about nucleophilic, electrophilic and free radical substitutions?..

Answer / msaqibtheumerkhel

In nucleophilic substitution, a weak nuclephile is replaced
by a stronger one. Similarly in electrophillic
substitution, a weaker electrophile is replaced by a
stronger one.
In free radical substituion, two different molecules are
split into their radicals, by energy etc, and then
electrophile of one combine with the nucleophile of the
other and vice versa.
e.g. CH4+Cl2-----> CH3. + H. + Cl. + Cl.
CH3.+Cl.-----> CH3Cl
H.+Cl.---------> HCl
In the first step, radicals are formed and in the second
radicals of one are replaced by the other

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