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Staff Selection Commission
Stenographers Grade ?D?)

Staff Selection Commission Stenographers Grade ?D?) Examination..

Answer / radhesh

Staff Selection Commission
(Stenographers Grade ?D?) Examination

Directions : In questions 1 to 20, some of the sentences
have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a
sentence (A) or (B) or (C) has an error. If there is no
error, then mark your answer as (D) :
1. He has not been attending (A) / English classes (B) /
since one month. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( C )

2. There is still (A) / little tea (B) / left in the cup.
(C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

3. The geography teacher (A) / told the class that (B) / the
earth was round. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( D )

4. At the station, (A) / I?ll hire a coolie (B) / to carry
my baggages. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( C )

5. Do you know (A) / to plat (B) / the guitar ? (C) / No
error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

6. If you will work hard, (A) / you will get good grades (B)
/ in examinations. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( C )

7. Each one of the boys (A) / have paid (B) / the
tutition-fee. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

8. With little patience (A) / your will be able to (B) /
cross this hurdle. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( A )

9. He was in a hurry (A) / because he had an appointment (B)
/ with the company?s director. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( D )

10. Many health-conscious people (A) / prefer margarine (B)
/ than butter. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( C )

11. Mr. Praful Patel (A) / is not attending his office (B) /
for the last one month. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

12. Rita is going (A) / for aerobics classes (B) / everyday
in the morning. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( C )

13. My friend asked me (A) if I can lend him my Parker pen
(B) / for a few days. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

14. My papa is (A) / in bad mood (B) / today. (C) / No
error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

15. I am much pleased (A) / to know that (B) / you have
topped the list. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( A )

16. After leaving his office (A) / he went directly (B) / to
a restaurant. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( D )

17. Will you please buy (A) / some jaggery for me (B) / if
you go to the market? (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( D )

18. The customer handed over (A) / a hundred-rupees note (B)
/ to the shop keeper. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( B )

19. The reason Ram Prasad (A) / is absent from his duty (B)
/ is because he is unwell. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( A )

20. If I were him, (A) / I would have taught (B) / those
cheats a lesson. (C) / No error. (D)
Ans: ( A )

Directions : In questions 21 to 40, sentences are given with
blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four
alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the
correct alternative out of (a), (b), (c) and (d) :
21. The river overflowed its ____ and flooded the area.
(a) Edges
(b) Fronts
(c) Limits
(d) Banks
Ans: ( d ) Banks

22. In hot weather I like lying in the ______ of a tree.
(a) shade
(b) shelter
(c) protection
(d) shadow
Ans: ( a ) shade

23. She _____ Rs. 80 out of the bank every Friday.
(a) obtains
(b) draws
(c) pulls
(d) extracts
Ans: ( b ) draws

24. He is too dull ______ this problem.
(a) solving
(b) to solving
(c) to solve
(d) solves
Ans: ( c ) to solve

25. People who _____ on horses usually lose in the end.
(a) gamble
(b) play
(c) risk
(d) place
Ans: ( a ) gamble

26. His father-in-law _____ him up in business.
(a) put
(b) made
(c) set
(d) built
Ans: ( c ) set

27. The robbers were arrested and _____ prison yesterday.
(a) brought into
(b) brought to
(c) taken into
(d) taken to
Ans: ( d ) taken to

28. The grapes are now _____ enough to be picked.
(a) ready
(b) mature
(c) ripe
(d) advanced
Ans: ( c ) ripe

29. We had a _____ of warm weather in February.
(a) time
(b) spell
(c) length
(d) phase
Ans: ( b ) spell

30. He lives near a lovely _____ of countryside.
(a) length
(b) piece
(c) section
(d) stretch
Ans: ( d ) stretch

31. After the rain the weather _____ and the Sun came out.
(a) cleared out
(b) cleared up
(c) cleared away
(d) cleared off
Ans: ( b ) cleared up

32. I _____ a car to be absolutely necessary these days.
(a) consider
(b) regard
(c) think
(d) agree
Ans: ( a ) consider

33. The Sun _____ at six his morning.
(a) raised
(b) rose
(c) arose
(d) aroused
Ans: ( b ) rose

34. There is a keen _____ in each trade.
(a) contest
(b) comparison
(c) competition
(d) co-operation
Ans: ( c ) competition

35. Man must _____ now to stop pollution.
(a) act
(b) perform
(c) operate
(d) behave
Ans: ( a ) act

36. In large cities people are cut _____ from nature.
(a) away
(b) off
(c) out
(d) down
Ans: ( b ) off

37. This book is a useful _____ to our library.
(a) discovery
(b) asset
(c) addition
(d) arrival
Ans: ( c ) addition

38. In Bush, Saddam was up _____ more than his match.
(a) for
(b) into
(c) against
(d) to
Ans: ( c ) against

39. Once you suspect a person of double dealing, you ought
to keep him at arm?s _____
(a) distance
(b) length
(c) aim
(d) width
Ans: ( b ) length

40. A stone that goes on rolling _____ no moss.
(a) collects
(b) gets
(c) gathers
(d) accumulates
Ans: ( c ) gathers

Directions: In questions 41 to 45, choose the word opposite
in meaning to the given word :
(a) Property
(b) Assets
(c) Debt
(d) Treasure
Ans: ( b ) Assets

(a) Wicked
(b) Corrupt
(c) Vicious
(d) Scandalous
Ans: ( c ) Vicious

(a) Dampen
(b) Disapprove
(c) Discourage
(d) Warn
Ans: ( c ) Discourage

(a) Big
(b) Major
(c) Tall
(d) Heavy
Ans: ( b ) Major

(a) Division
(b) Enumeration
(c) Subtraction
(d) Multiplication
Ans: ( c ) Subtraction

Directions: In questions 46 to 50, out of the four
alternatives a, b, c and d, choose the one which best
expresses the meaning of the given word :
(a) Failure
(b) Helplessness
(c) Misfortune
(d) Crisis
Ans: ( c ) Misfortune

(a) Advancement
(b) Betterment
(c) Promotion
(d) Preference
Ans: ( b ) Betterment

(a) Diffusion
(b) Disagreement
(c) Different
(d) Degree
Ans: ( c ) Different

(a) Misadventure
(b) Misgiving
(c) Ambiguity
(d) Blunder
Ans: ( d ) Blunder

(a) Artificial
(b) Superficial
(c) Foolish
(d) Worthless
Ans: ( b ) Superficial

Directions: In questions 51 to 65, groups of four words each
are given, in each group one word is correctly spelt. Find
the correctly spelt word :
51. (a) humorous
(b) ganerous
(c) pupolous
(d) maretorious
Ans: ( a ) humorous

52. (a) Scripcher
(b) Scripture
(c) Skripture
(d) Scriptur
Ans: ( b ) Scripture

53. (a) Faithfuly
(b) Sincerely
(c) Truely
(d) Affectionatly
Ans: ( b ) Sincerely

54. (a) Forcast
(b) Forecaste
(c) Forcaust
(d) Forecast
Ans: ( d ) Forecast

55. (a) Benefited
(b) Benifited
(c) Benefitted
(d) Benefeted
Ans: ( a ) Benefited

56. (a) Ommineous
(b) Omineous
(c) Ominous
(d) Omenous
Ans: ( c ) Ominous

57. (a) Simpal
(b) Bannar
(c) Pattren
(d) Modern
Ans: ( d ) Modern

58. (a) Exaggerate
(b) Exeggerate
(c) Exagerate
(d) Exadgerate
Ans: ( a ) Exaggerate

59. (a) Accomodation
(b) Acommodation
(c) Accommedation
(d) Accommodation
Ans: ( d ) Accommodation

60. (a) Hindrance
(b) Hinderance
(c) Hindrence
(d) Hinderence
Ans: ( a ) Hindrance

61. (a) Dammage
(b) Damaige
(c) Dammege
(d) Damage
Ans: ( d ) Damage

62. (a) Efficient
(b) Treatement
(c) Beterment
(d) Employd
Ans: ( a ) Efficient

63. (a) Friming
(b) Burnning
(c) Running
(d) Fryng
Ans: ( c ) Running

64. (a) Furnituer
(b) Exampel
(c) Medicine
(d) Sampal
Ans: ( c ) Medicine

65. (a) Skilful
(b) Skillful
(c) Skilfull
(d) Skillfull
Ans: ( a ) Skilful

Directions: In questions 66 to 70, the 1st and the last
parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. the rest of the
sentence is split into four parts P, Q, R and S. These four
parts are not given in their proper order. Read the
sentence and find out which of the four combinations is
correct. Then find the correct answer out of (a), (b), (c)
and (d) :
66. (1) What we would like to judge
(P) in this comprehension exercise,
(Q) the difficult words, phrases and sentence fragments
(R) and also the meanings of
(S) is your grasp of the content
(6) that constitute the paragraph.
(a) QPSR
(b) RQPS
(c) PSRQ
(d) SRQP
Ans: ( c ) PSRQ

67. (1) In the coming session,
(P) of our computer management services
(Q) to make them
(R) more useful, efficient and cost-effective
(S) we are undertaking a thorough review
(6) for your needs.
(a) PQRS
(b) SPQR
(c) QRSP
(d) RSPQ
Ans: ( b ) SPQR

68. (1) About a hundred Vintage beauties
(P) have been restored
(Q) over the years
(R) from the scrap
(S) many of which
(6) participate in the famous Vintage Car Rally every year.
(a) SQPR
(b) SPRQ
(c) PQRS
(d) SPQR
Ans: ( b ) SPRQ

69. (1) After a laborious life
(P) to the quiet village where he was born
(Q) most of which he had spent in the metropolis,
(R) and where he intended to spend
(S) he retired in his old age
(6) his remaining years.
(a) SQPR
(b) QRPS
(c) QSPR
(d) SPQR
Ans: ( c ) QSPR

70. (1) Inaugurating the Bharat Bhawan
(P) the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, said that
(Q) in all States so that the creative faculties of the people
(R) in Bhopal on February 13, 1982
(S) it had been her long cherished desire to see such
bhavans come up
(6) could find their proper outlet.
(a) SRPQ
(b) RPSQ
(c) SPQR
(d) PQRS
Ans: ( b ) RPSQ

Directions (Qs 71 to 90) : In the following passages, some
of the words have been left out. First read the passage
over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in
the blanks with the help of the alternative given :
Kunti as a worshipper of the Sun-god. One days she ???(71)
the Sun-god with the help of a prayer-charm. This prayer
charm was given to her by a sage. As a result the Sun-god
???(72) before her. Seeing the Sun-god before her she go
???(73) as she had never expected so. Consequently she
began to ???(74) with fear. She could not know what to do.
Hence, she prayed to the Sun-god to go back to his kingdom
in the sky, but the Sun-god ???(75) Kunti passionately.
When he left for his kingdom in the sky, he ???(76) Kunti
with a son in her womb. In due course of time Kunti became
the mother of a very beautiful and ???(77) child. He was
born with an armour as shining as ???(78) itself. Besides
he had shining strange ear-rings in his ears. This, as a
result of the ???(79) granted to her by the Sun-god. Thus,
Karna was born to Kunti even while she was unmarried. It
was but natural but she was extremely ???(80) in her mind.

71. (a) invited
(b) invoked
(c) summoned
(d) attracted
Ans: ( b ) invoked

72. (a) appeared
(b) stood
(c) flashed
(d) came
Ans: ( a ) appeared

73. (a) unconscious
(b) demoralized
(c) amused
(d) frightened
Ans: ( d ) frightened

74. (a) tremble
(b) faint
(c) wave
(d) stammer
Ans: ( a ) tremble

75. (a) fondled
(b) warned
(c) chided
(d) loved
Ans: ( d ) loved

76. (a) gave
(b) left
(c) deserted
(d) discarded
Ans: ( b ) left

77. (a) promising
(b) ugly
(c) freak
(d) strange
Ans: ( d ) strange

78. (a) silver
(b) glass
(c) gold
(d) steel
Ans: ( c ) gold

79. (a) wish
(b) promise
(c) donation
(d) compliment
Ans: ( a ) wish

80. (a) sorry
(b) disturbed
(c) annoyed
(d) amused
Ans: ( b ) disturbed

It is difficult to find a person who would put in a good
word for the kind of bureaucracy we have in India.
Incidentally, things may now be seen as coming to a head
???(81) the attainment of Independence, India ???(82) from
time to time several ???(83) power Committees or Commissions
to ???(84) administration. In spite of all this, the
impression???(85) that the Indian variety of bureaucracy has
been slow and slothful. Fact is that the ???(86) of
bureaucracy happens to be ???(87) the same all over the
world. Even in the USA Presidents have ???(88) a great deal
of concern ???(89) the manner in which bureaucracy has been
functioning at various levels. In spite of all this, not
much change can be ???(90) in the near future. One may feel
like hanging one?s head in despair unless one believes in
some super-human power that looks after our universe.
81. (a) From
(b) With
(c) Till
(d) Since
Ans: ( d ) Since

82. (a) arranged
(b) appointed
(c) framed
(d) selected
Ans: ( b ) appointed

83. (a) great
(b) super
(c) high
(d) multiple
Ans: ( c ) high

84. (a) perform
(b) reform
(c) revive
(d) transform
Ans: ( b ) reform

85. (a) insists
(b) subsists
(c) consists
(d) persists
Ans: ( d ) persists

86. (a) structure
(b) function
(c) growth
(d) behaviour
Ans: ( b ) function

87. (a) practically
(b) structurally
(c) precisely
(d) strictly
Ans: ( a ) practically

88. (a) asserted
(b) declared
(c) voiced
(d) waged
Ans: ( c ) voiced

89. (a) on
(b) at
(c) with
(d) from
Ans: ( b ) at

90. (a) accepted
(b) expected
(c) affected
(d) admitted
Ans: ( b ) expected

Directions (Qs. 91 to 100) : You have two brief passages
with 5 questions following each passage. Read the passages
carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of
the four alternatives :
A certain Ameer was on a voyage in his hip when a great
storm arose. One of the slaves on board, who had never been
to sea, began to wail and cry out in fear. This went on for
some time and no one could silence him. In anger the Ameer
asked, ?Is there no one here who can silence this wretched
coward ??
A philosopher, who happened to be a passenger, said, ?I
think I can quiet this man, Sir, if you give me full
permission to do as I please with him.?
?Go ahead,? said the Ameer, ?you have my permission.?
91. The word ?voyage? means
(a) Traveling by sea
(b) Waling on foot
(c) Riding a horse
(d) Swimming in sea
Ans: ( a ) Traveling by sea

92. The verb ?to wail? means
(a) To smile
(b) To call
(c) To weep
(d) To speak
Ans: ( c ) To weep

93. The slave was afraid because
(a) The Ameer was about to beat him
(b) There was a storm in the sea
(c) He was about to be thrown into the sea
(d) The journey was not coming to an end
Ans: ( b ) There was a storm in the sea

94. The philosopher volunteered to
(a) Throw off the slave
(b) Persuade the slave
(c) Silence the slave
(d) Please the slave
Ans: ( c ) Silence the slave

95. What kind of prose is used in this extract ?
(a) Informative
(b) Argumentative
(c) Lyrical
(d) Narrative
Ans: ( d ) Narrative

The difficulty in the education of young infants is largely
the delicate balance required in the parents. Constant
watchfulness and much labour are needed to avoid injury to
health : these qualities will hardly exist in the necessary
degree except wher there is strong parental affection. But
where this exists, it is very likely not to be wise. To the
devoted parents, the child is immensely important. Unless
care is taken, the child feels this, and judges himself as
important as his parents feel him in later life, his social
environment will not regard him so fondly, and habits which
assume that he is the center of other people?s universe will
lead to disappointment. It is, therefore, necessary, not
only in the first year, but afterwards also, that the
parents should be breezy and cheerful and rather
matter-of-fact where the child?s possible ailments are
concerned. In old days, infants were too much petted, sung
to, rocked and dandled. This was wrong since it turned them
into helpless pampered parasities. The right rule is :
encourage spontaneous activities but discourage demands on
others. Do not let the child see how much you do for him or
how much trouble you take. Let him, wherever possible,
taste the joy of success, achieved by his own efforts, not
extracted by tyrannizing over the grown-ups.
96. ?Delicate balance? required in parents in sentence 1
refers to
(a) cautiousness
(b) possessiveness
(c) indifference
(d) matter-of-factness
Ans: ( a ) cautiousness

97. A child pampered by his parents is likely to become
(a) disappointed
(b) demoralized
(c) dependent
(d) independent
Ans: ( c ) dependent

98. For the possible ailments of the child, the writer
advises the parents to be
(a) indifferent
(b) demanding
(c) unsympathetic
(d) matter-of-fact
Ans: ( d ) matter-of-fact

99. In the past the excessively fondled children became
(a) troublesome
(b) mischievous
(c) parasites
(d) abnormal
Ans: ( c ) parasites

100. The author wishes the parents to let the child
(a) manage his own things
(b) be absolutely free
(c) work under their guidance
(d) Seek anybody?s help if needed
Ans: ( a ) manage his own things
Railway Recruitment Board (Bangalore)
(Electrical Signal Maintainer Gr-II Recruitment Exam)
May 2004 Question Paper (Fully Solved)

1. Flip-flop is a type of ______ process.
(a) one dimensional
(b) two dimensional
(c) unstable
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) unstable

2. General digital system operates through which of these
systems ?
(a) Binary
(b) Decimal
(c) Octal
(d) Hexadecimal
Ans: ( a ) Binary

3. Communication satellites without any manipulation
(a) remain stationary
(b) go round or revolve at their own speed
(c) are geo-stationary
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) go round or revolve at their own speed

4. An object is moving at a steady speed ?v? along a
circular path of radius ?r?. The angular acceleration of
the object will be
(a) vr
(b) v/r
(c) zero
(d) v2/r
Ans: ( d ) v2/r

5. Which of the following represents monumental reduction in
atmospheric pressure?
(a) Stormy weather
(b) Clear weather
(c) Humid weather
(d) Dry weather
Ans: ( a ) Stormy weather

6. The colour of light is determined by its
(a) velocity in air
(b) amplitude
(c) state of polarization
(d) frequency
Ans: ( d ) frequency

7. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity ?
(a) Copper
(b) Aluminium
(c) Gold
(d) Silver
Ans: ( d ) Silver

8. The unit of inductance is
(a) Ohm
(b) Farad
(c) Henry
(d) Coloumb
Ans: ( c ) Henry

9. Absolute zero corresponds to
(a) ? 2730K
(b) ? 2730C
(c) 2730C
(d) ? 2730F
Ans: ( b ) ? 2730C

10. What is the annual dividend received from 175 shares of
a stock, if the quarterly dividend per share is Rs. 3 ?
(a) Rs. 525
(b) Rs. 2,400
(c) Rs. 2,100
(d) Rs. 1,800
Ans: ( c ) Rs. 2,100

11. The reading of a domestic energy meter is in
(a) Watt hour
(b) Joules
(c) Kilowatts
(d) Kilowatt hour
Ans: ( c ) Kilowatts

12. The unit of sound is
(a) Kelvin
(b) Decimal
(c) Newton
(d) Pascal
Ans: ( b ) Decimal

13. The normal specific density of a lead-acid batter uses
its ____ as its standard.
(a) rate of discharge
(b) status of the charge
(c) life expectance
(d) operating temperature
Ans: ( a ) rate of discharge

14. Which of the following is required for a fuse wire ?
(a) Low resistance and high melting point
(b) High resistance and high melting point
(c) Low resistance and low melting point
(d) High resistance and low melting point
Ans: ( c ) Low resistance and low melting point

15. Which of the following statements is wrong ?
(a) sin2&#61553; + cos2&#61553; = 1
(b) 1 + tan2&#61553; = sec2&#61553;
(c) sin2&#61553; - cos2&#61553; = 1
(d) sin2&#61553; = 2 sin&#61553; cos&#61553;
Ans: ( c ) sin2&#61553; - cos2&#61553; = 1

16. Which of these is true for the speed of an
electro-magnetic wave and the speed of light ?
(a) The former is greater
(b) Both speeds are equal
(c) The latter is greater than the former
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Both speeds are equal

17. _______ is an example of an insulator.
(a) Aluminium
(b) Copper
(c) Asbestos
(d) Platinum
Ans: ( d ) Platinum

18. A dress shop marked down all items as following :
Group Regular Price Sale Price
A Rs. 65 Rs. 55
B Rs. 60 Rs. 50
C Rs. 70 Rs. 60
D Rs. 75 Rs. 65
Which group of items was offered at the greatest rate of
discount ?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
Ans: ( b ) B

19. Which one of the following a cellular phone uses to
operate ?
(a) Light wave
(b) Sound waves
(c) Micro waves
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) Micro waves

20. Name the person who is know as ?Karnataka Gandhi? :
(a) Ranganath Devakar
(b) Karnataka Sadashiva Rao
(c) Thagdur Ramchandra Rao
(d) Hadekar Manjappa
Ans: ( d ) Hadekar Manjappa

21. Superconductor is an object which has
(a) Maximum resistance
(b) Zero resistance
(c) Unlimited resistance
(d) Negative resistance
Ans: ( b ) Zero resistance

22. The particles which conduct electricity in a solution of
electrolyte are called
(a) Electrons
(b) Protons
(c) Ions
(d) Deutrons
Ans: ( c ) Ions

23. The use of which of these would you consider the most
suitable for testing the resistance of the insulator of a cable?
(a) Ohmmeter
(b) Lamp tester
(c) Capacitor bridge
(d) Megger
Ans: ( a ) Ohmmeter

24. If a substance is a weak conductor due to the presence
of free electrons, then what is it known as ?
(a) Insulator
(b) Resistor
(c) Reactor
(d) Capacitor
Ans: ( b ) Resistor

25. According to Kirchoff?s law, all IR points and e.m.fs in
a closed loop have their original sum total as
(a) Zero
(b) Positive
(c) Negative
(d) Based on the batter of e.m.f.
Ans: ( a ) Zero

26. To get a P-type of Germanium, with which of the
following should germanium be mixed ?
(a) Trivalent impurities
(b) Tetravalent impurities
(c) Pentavalent impurities
(d) None of these
Ans: ( a ) Trivalent impurities

27. Railway tracks are banked on curves because of
(a) Necessary centrifugal force
(b) Necessary frictional force
(c) Necessary centripetal force
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) Necessary centripetal force

28. One horse power is equal to
(a) 746 watts
(b) 1000 watts
(c) 500 watts
(d) 750 watts
Ans: ( a ) 746 watts

29. Main metal used in soldering material is
(a) Copper
(b) Lead
(c) Aluminium
(d) Tachometer
Ans: ( b ) Lead

30. Instrument used for measuring the speed of an engine is
(a) Multimeter
(b) Ammeter
(c) Anemometer
(d) Tachometer
Ans: ( a ) Multimeter

31. Diode is a device which
(a) Conducts in one direction and blocks in other direction
(b) Conducts in both directions
(c) Blocks in both directions
(d) None of these
Ans: ( a ) Conducts in one direction and blocks in other

32. Cable used for a cable TV network is
(a) Co-axial cable
(b) Twisted cable
(c) UTP cable
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) UTP cable

33. Radar system works on
(a) Electron waves
(b) Magnetic waves
(c) Electromagnetic waves
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) Electromagnetic waves

34. If seven men drink up fifteen bottles of water in two
days, then in seven days, four men would require how many
bottles of water?
(a) 25
(b) 30
(c) 22
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) 30

35. If ?A? earns 25% more than ?B? then ?B? earns how much
less than A?
(a) 30%
(b) 25%
(c) 20%
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) 20%

36. Which of these is non-biodegradable ?
(a) A paper bag
(b) A plastic pipe
(c) A banana leaf
(d) A leather shoe
Ans: ( b ) A plastic pipe

37. Light year is a unit of
(a) Time
(b) Speed
(c) Space
(d) None of these
Ans: ( d ) None of these

38. Which of these is not an input device?
(a) Monitor
(b) Keyboard
(c) Mouse
(d) Joystick
Ans: ( a ) Monitor

39. A train covers distances 10 km, 20 km and 20 km at 90
km/hr. The average speed of the train in km/hr is approximately
(a) 52
(b) 60
(c) 69
(d) 66
Ans: ( d ) 66

40. India has a monopoly status amongst which of these?
(a) Bamboo
(b) Rubber
(c) Teak
(d) Sandalwood
Ans: ( d ) Sandalwood

41. Which planet is closest to the sun?
(a) Venus
(b) Mercury
(c) Uranus
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Mercury

42. Which of the following is the correct sequence of
agricultural practice?
(a) Sowing, winnowing, weeding, manuring
(b) Weeding, winnowing, sowing, manuring
(c) Sowing, weeding, manuring, winnowing
(d) Winnowing, sowing, weeding, manuring
Ans: ( c ) Sowing, weeding, manuring, winnowing

43. Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
(a) Water
(b) Sunlight
(c) Wind
(d) Coal
Ans: ( d ) Coal

44. A hawker cuts a watermelon fruit into 12 pieces and
sells each piece at Rs.5. If he gains 50% then the cost
price of the fruit was
(a) Rs. 30
(b) Rs. 40
(c) Rs. 25
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Rs. 40

45. The original fort in Bangalore was built in the 16th
century. Later on, it was subject to the authority of the
Marathas and then the Mughals. Who amongst them bought
Bangalore in the 17th century from the Mghals for three lakhs?
(a) Kenpagowda I
(b) Chikka Devraj Wodeyar
(c) Haider Ali
(d) Tippu
Ans: ( ? )

46. Who wrote the play ?Yashodhara?, which deals with life
of Buddha?
(a) Kuvenpu
(b) Bender
(c) Maasti
(d) None of these
Ans: ( d ) None of these

47. A Shiva Temple in a desert can be found in
(a) Mysore
(b) Nanjanguddu
(c) Talkadu
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) Talkadu

48. Where is Kaiga Atomic Power Plant situated?
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Karnataka
(c) Kerala
(d) Orissa
Ans: ( b ) Karnataka

49. Breath control (Pranayam) improves
(a) Body co-ordination
(b) Yoga
(c) Muscle building
(d) Intake of Oxygen
Ans: ( d ) Intake of Oxygen

50. 40 percent people take tea, 50 percent take coffee and
10 percent people drink both tea and coffee. What percent
of people drink neither tea nor coffee?
(a) 10%
(b) 20%
(c) 30%
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) 20%

51. Distortion caused on a telephone line by an adjacent
telephone line is called
(a) Cross link
(b) Cross fire
(c) Inductive disturbance
(d) Transposition
Ans: ( a ) Cross link

52. A short initializing program of a PC is called
(a) Subroutine
(b) Boot program
(c) Main program
(d) Branch
Ans: ( b ) Boot program

53. A byte is
(a) A group of 2 bits
(b) A group of 4 bits
(c) A group of 8 bits
(d) A group of 16 bits
Ans: ( c ) A group of 8 bits

54. Which of the following equations is correct where
I=Current, V=Voltage and R=Resistance?
(a) V = I/R
(b) R = V/I
(c) I = V/R2
(d) R = V2/I
Ans: ( b ) R = V/I

55. Which of the following statements is wrong?
(a) Ammeter must be connected in parallel
(b) Ammeter must have low resistance
(c) Voltmeter must be connected in parallel
(d) Voltmeter must have high resistance
Ans: ( c ) Voltmeter must be connected in parallel

56. Two observations for a length are found to be 1.5 cm and
1.50 cm. Then
(a) The two are identical
(b) The first has greater accuracy
(c) The second has greater accuracy
(d) Zero in the second has no relevance
Ans: ( c ) The second has greater accuracy

57. Students line up in a queue in which Anil stands 15th
from the left and Sunil is 7th from the right. If they
interchange their places, then Sunil would be 15th from the
right. How many students are there in the queue?
(a) 22
(b) 29
(c) 21
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) 29

58. As needle is related to clock, wheel is related to
(a) Driving
(b) Vehicle
(c) Road
(d) Walk
Ans: ( b ) Vehicle

59. Clove is a
(a) Seed
(b) Bud
(c) Fruit
(d) Stem
Ans: ( b ) Bud

60. Indian Rail wheel factory is situated in
(a) Perambur
(b) Chittaranjan
(c) Yalhanka
(d) None of these
Ans: ( a ) Perambur

61. Hemavati is a tributary of which river?
(a) Ganga
(b) Kaveri
(c) Krishna
(d) Tapti
Ans: ( b ) Kaveri

62. With which field is Ustad Zakir Hussain associated?
(a) Flute
(b) Tabla
(c) Sitar
(d) Sarod
Ans: ( b ) Tabla

63. Richter scale is used to measure
(a) Temperature of the body
(b) Intensity of wind
(c) Earthquakes
(d) Ocean depth
Ans: ( c ) Earthquakes

64. The sculpture with the three faces of Brahma, Vishnu and
Mahesh known as ?Trimurti? appears in ______ caves
(a) Kalva
(b) Ellora
(c) Elephanta
(d) Ajanta
Ans: ( c ) Elephanta

65. The minimum value of the function y = x5 ? 4x4 + 5x3 ? 1
occurs when
(a) X = 3
(b) X = 2
(c) X = 1
(d) X = 0
Ans: ( d ) X = 0

66. The shape of a cantilever for uniformly distributed load
would be
(a) Straight line
(b) Parabolic
(c) Elliptical
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Parabolic

67. Circumference of a circle whose diameter is 14 cm is _______
(a) 22 cm
(b) 44 cm
(c) 88 cm
(d) 57.4 cm
Ans: ( b ) 44 cm

68. Where is the famous historical site Hampi situated?
(a) Bijapur
(b) Bellary
(c) Gulbarga
(d) Raichur
Ans: ( b ) Bellary

69. Which of these places was never the capital of Gangao?
(a) Talkadu
(b) Mukunda
(c) Kolar
(d) Elthanka
Ans: ( b ) Mukunda

70. Which of these explains the remarkability of Gol Gumbaz
in Bijapur?
(a) Its inner ornamentation (coloured paintaing)
(b) Its dense carving on its minars
(c) Its extraordinary acoustics
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Its dense carving on its minars

71. The sum of an even and an odd number is
(a) Always even
(b) Always odd
(c) Sometimes odd and sometimes even
(d) None of these
Ans: ( b ) Always odd

72. The ruins of which dynasty can be found in Hampi?
(a) Chola
(b) Vijayanagar
(c) Pandya
(d) Chera
Ans: ( b ) Vijayanagar

73. Who amongst these was awarded the first Jnanpith Award?
(a) Girish Karnad
(b) Kuvempu
(c) D.R. Bendre
(d) Shivaram Karanth
Ans: ( b ) Kuvempu

74. Who among these is known as the bare foot director?
(a) Dr. Raj Kumar
(b) G.V. Aiyer
(c) M.F. Hussain
(d) K.S. Sharma
Ans: ( c ) M.F. Hussain

75. The resistance of a thermistor
(a) Varies directly with temperature
(b) Varies inversely with temperature
(c) Is always constant
(d) None of these
Ans: ( a ) Varies directly with temperature

76. In pneumatic control system the medium is
(a) Air
(b) Liquid
(c) Oil
(d) Hydrogen
Ans: ( a ) Air

77. Which of the following storage devices can be around?
(a) Floppy disc
(b) Main memory
(c) Registers
(d) Core memory
Ans: ( a ) Floppy disc

78. Insulation value of conductors with reference to earth
is mentioned in
(a) Ampere
(b) Resistance
(c) Voltage
(d) Wattage
Ans: ( b ) Resistance

79. Galvanizing is the process of coating
(a) Zinc with Copper
(b) Copper with Silver
(c) Silver with Gold
(d) Iron with Zinc
Ans: ( d ) Iron with Zinc

80. Work done against friction is
(a) Negative
(b) Positive
(c) Zero
(d) None of these
Ans: ( c ) Zero

81. An A.C. supply cannot be used for
(a) Heating
(b) Electroplating
(c) Lighting
(d) Welding
Ans: ( c ) Lighting

82. To induce an e.m.f. in a coil, the magnetic flux linking
(a) must decrease
(b) can increase or decrease
(c) must increase
(d) must remain in constant
Ans: ( c ) must increase

83. A cuboid has __________ edges.
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 16
(d) 12
Ans: ( b ) 8

84. The brake of a car can provide a maximum retardation of
10 m/sec. The least distance in which the car can be
stopped if the velocity is 30 m/sec will be
(a) 60 m
(b) 54 m
(c) 45 m
(d) 20 m
Ans: ( c ) 45 m

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