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CISF Interview Questions
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Railway Recruitment Board Examination, January 2005 Question Paper

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Who invented Chloroform? (A) Galilio (B) James Simpson (C) Rene Laennie (D) None of these

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Who was the Prime Minister of England when the Indian Independence Act was passed? (1) Attlee (2) Churchill (3) Macmillan (4) Lloyd George

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A mixture of salt and sand can be separated by 1 Sublimation 2 Dissolving in water 3 Gravity separation 4 Dry distillation

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You have the following Network ID: You need at least 500 hosts per network. How many networks can you create? What subnet mask will you use

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expand C I S F

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section officer audit exam 2008 - pls inform me about the adress of interview for kolkata region.


polic sub inspector modual question papers

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Which of the rank of para military ie BSF, CRPF or ITBP is equivalant to Lt Col of Indian Army?

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Can u prove 1+1=3

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