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SSC Political Science Interview Questions
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Where is the objective of ?Social Justice? included in the Constitution of India?

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Who removes the Judges of Supreme Court and High Court?

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On which basis the states has representation in Rajya Sabha?

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Under which writs the Courts sought to produce a person in the court suspected to be missing or in custody?

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What is the motto inscribed under our national emblem?

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Who is ?Amicus Curiae??

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how minimum Recruitment age limit for a candidature for Prime Minister of India

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which political party has not been recongnised as a national political party? 1. indian national congress 2.bhartiya janat aparty 3. bahujan samaj party 4. trinamul congress

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Which of the following qualification is not essential for a person to become the Vice President of India?

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The Present Secretary-General of the United Nations is a

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Who among the following Indians served as the Prisisdent of the International Court of Justince?

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Who formulated the People's plan for India in 1944?

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What is address of syed shahabuddin, leder of samajwaji Party?



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give an example how u would manage time and leave administation


give an example of an organization system you have developed and put into practice


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