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SSC Economy Interview Questions
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Who is responsible to collect the service tax?

Ashok Leyland, Bank of Baroda, Postal Assistant Exam, Section Engineer, SSC,

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With which the basic regulatory authority for mutual funds and stock markets is lies?

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Basing on which inflation is checked temporarily?

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Who are the main bearers of the burden of indirect tax?

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What are some of the things required for computing Gross National Product (GNP)?

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What is consumer?s sovereignty means?

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To which secular stagnation refers?

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In which state the Employment Guarantee Scheme was introduced?

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What is the major aim of devaluation?

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Who propounded the possibility of placing communication satellites in geosynchronous orbit for the first time?

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what is the difference between repo rate and bank or discount rate ? and as discount rate are determined by central bank is repo rate is determined by MPC monitary policy comittee?

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State and explain 5 factors which affect the foreign exchange value of the British currency.


What is the difference between the real investment and financial investment?


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Why Governments have been unable to solve the problem of the current global crisis?

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Why the global financial crisis did not affect strongly on the underdeveloped countries?

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how many members can be created inside a single pds?


What is a Barter economy?


What is balanced growth of an Economy?


last date of payment & filing return for for co.


can anyone tell me the number of the bill Obama just signed on Mar. 2, 2010, on unemployment benefits, so I can research it?