SSC Interview Questions
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Who is considered as the greatest of all the Vijayanagar rulers?


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Which as the only Indus site with an artificial brick dockyard?


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The American Civil War saw the end of ?


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Who was the German General nicknamed ?Desert Fox ?during the Second World War ?

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To which age Leonardo da vinci represented ?

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With whom is ?Junagarh Rock Inscription associated?

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In which subject Nalanda University was a great centre of especially learning?

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To which ruler the title ?Lakh Baksh? was given?

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In whose reign the Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built?

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To which the Ahmedabad Satyagraha of Gandhi was directed?

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Now in which state was the former princely state Nahan?

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When D-Day is the day?


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Who wrote ?Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Humaare Dil Mein Hai??

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Who wrote the play ?Uttararamacharita??

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Un-Answered Questions { SSC }

Explain about main features of slavery in ancient Rome?


Should I select Income tax inspector Chennai or Excise inspector Home state as my first preference? please guide as I am new, dont know anything about type of work, promotions etc


What is balanced growth of an Economy?


Explain the fascist regime in Italy.


Got married in Nigeria 8/12. Is it better to file for I-130 then K-3 or B-2 visa? We want the quickest way to be together. I am a USC.


What is the usual/recommended requirement(not minimum,as I already know it is 157.5 cm) of Height for male candidates for the post of Central Excise Inspector ? I want that job & that's why I am working really hard for the upcoming exam.Mine is 165.1 cm .i.e, 5"5'.Being an average height guy am still anxious whether my height is good enough for the post? Please be kind enough to answer it.Thanks in advance fellas


what type of questions are asked in ssc cgl interviews


I have just passed Combined Graduate level exam, 2008 from Northern region. But my department is not allocated as yet. First my result was in the list of withheld candidates. But now the list is cleared. So, when SSC Northern region will allocate my department. As I have been selected for the post of Junior Accountant.


hi frnds myself namesh pabri i m s.t candidate i have score 100+ marks in ssc tier-1 and 130+in maths(tier-2)and 110+ in english total is aprox=340 so wat do u think itne main interview call hoga k nahi or i think jiska interview call hoga uska job lagne ka 70% chance hoga b'cos of scaling system..........neche kahi na kahi to score karega..


i hv been selected as a tax assistant as per 2008 exam and allocated to kolkata region. has anyone received an appointment letter?????? pls inform


Explain about the growth and development of early industrialization in USA from 1815 to 1860?


Discuss the geographical distribution, tool technology and subsistence pattern of the Neolithic cultures of India.


Explain with examples what historians mean by the integration of cults.


ssc cgl2012 i got 62.50 marks in tier1 and my name is in list TA only minimum cutoff for the SC cate. candidates is 62.50 but in tier2 i got 142 marks in maths and 104.50 marks in english but unfortunately yet my name is in list4 TA only and i calling for DEST at delhi on 26th nov. and i did but i was little bit worried about my typing test if i will not pass typing test then i got any post even i secured much marks? I m belong to SC category. Pls anybody knows tell me what can be done? cutoff marks for the interview post for the SC candidates is 284, and for TA is 236 and for the non- interview post which i was choose 1st preference is 254. pls tell me if anybody knows


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