SSC Interview Questions
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Who is considered as the greatest of all the Vijayanagar rulers?


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Which as the only Indus site with an artificial brick dockyard?


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The American Civil War saw the end of ?


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Who was the German General nicknamed ?Desert Fox ?during the Second World War ?

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To which age Leonardo da vinci represented ?

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With whom is ?Junagarh Rock Inscription associated?

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In which subject Nalanda University was a great centre of especially learning?

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To which ruler the title ?Lakh Baksh? was given?

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In whose reign the Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built?

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To which the Ahmedabad Satyagraha of Gandhi was directed?

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Now in which state was the former princely state Nahan?

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When D-Day is the day?


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Who wrote ?Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Humaare Dil Mein Hai??

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Who wrote the play ?Uttararamacharita??

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Un-Answered Questions { SSC }

what should be the strategy in ssc cgl tier-11 to get maximum marks specially in mathematics


sir i am selected for postal assistant exam but i am studying final year.If i will be selected for post is there any problem to my studies?


ssc combined graduate level 2010 tire 2


what type of questions are asked in ssc graduate level one should prepare for it.i am commerce grad. what questions are expected from my commerce background.


would anyone of you please tell me that how much number should one get for income tax inspector for OBC catogery


sir,i want to become assistant in css but after qualifying in tier 1 hw to prefer owr option in assistant in CSS ( M option ) i hv seen in preference of performa of various posts in SSC but the option Assistant in CSS is not der i.e M option rest options r der,is der any process...can any one help me in dat...plz reply to my mail


why u did not achieve anything in sports


Ramesh here. I am selected as Income Tax Inspector through ssc cgl 2010. I am allocated Patna region. Is there anybody who has got Patna region and has received appointment letter? Reply at . Some of my friend who has got gujrat region have got appointment letters in first week of sept 2011


Has result of CGL Tier-II publish in employment news, if so in which issue.


do anybody has any information regarding the joining of sas apprentices in when the joining letter is expected to come


Hi all, I have been selected for the post of inspector(central excise) but someone told me that it's not a job suitable for girls. Is it really so? do they work late night shifts?


What is the transfer system/policy for the auditor/senior auditor who got appointment as auditor in CGDA through SGLE 2011


Let me know, in what sequence CHSL exam should be answered so that maximum no. of questions / marks can be attended, scored by a candidate.


what are the duties of tax assistants in income tax department


Hi, my friend is selected as tax assistant in cbec in ssc tax assistant 2009. when is the appointment letter supposed to come? Pl reply me.