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SSC History Interview Questions
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Who is considered as the greatest of all the Vijayanagar rulers?


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Which as the only Indus site with an artificial brick dockyard?


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The American Civil War saw the end of ?


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Who was the German General nicknamed ?Desert Fox ?during the Second World War ?

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To which age Leonardo da vinci represented ?

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With whom is ?Junagarh Rock Inscription associated?

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In which subject Nalanda University was a great centre of especially learning?

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To which ruler the title ?Lakh Baksh? was given?

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In whose reign the Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built?

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To which the Ahmedabad Satyagraha of Gandhi was directed?

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Now in which state was the former princely state Nahan?

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When D-Day is the day?


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Who wrote ?Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Humaare Dil Mein Hai??

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Who wrote the play ?Uttararamacharita??

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Who is hailed as the ?God of Medicine? by the Ayurveda practitioners?

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Un-Answered Questions { SSC History }

Discuss the geographical distribution, tool technology and subsistence pattern of the Neolithic cultures of India.


What was the Great Debate of Soviet Industrialization?


Discuss the ways in which the Alvars, Nayanars and Virashaivas expressed critiques of the caste system.


Was the Indian economy de-industrialized in the 19th century?


Discuss the major beliefs and practices that characterized Sufism.


Evaluate the developments in the field of religion during 1000 B.C.-600 B.C.


Give an account of the Gupta administration. How far did it differ from that of the Mauryas?


What are the different theories regarding the origin of Rajputs?


What were the problems in the Anglo-Chinese relationship in the nineteenth century? In what way did the Opium trade precipitate the war?


How far did the constitution of India fulfill the aspirations of the various sections of Indian society?


Differentiate between Paleolithic cultures and Mesolithic cultures.


Discuss the kingship notions that developed in the post-Mauryan period.


What are the main causes of price revolution?


Examine the impact of industrialization on demography, urbanization and family in 19th century Europe?


Explain about the changes in the society of India between 600 B.C and 300 A.D.?