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SSC General Science Interview Questions
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Which chemical is a neurotransmitter substance?

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What is the main function of ?Iodised Salt? in human body?

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Which vegetable oil does not contain the essential fatty acids?

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Which elements are generally deficit in pregnant women?

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Why ginger is a stem and not a root?

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For which eyes of potato are useful?

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Where the parasite Taenia Solium (Tape worm) lives?

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How an ant can see the objects all round?

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What is the approximate time required for a heart beat?

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Due to which the energy emitted by the Sun?

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Which animal uses sounds as its ?eyes??

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Why the sky appears blue?

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What is the use of Dynamo?

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What is the chemical name for ?Baking Soda??

Coca Cola, RRB,

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Which the base of quartz crystal working in the watch?


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Un-Answered Questions { SSC General Science }

Dear Sir/Madam, I am applying for the post of Engineering Assistant in Prasar Bharti which was dated in Employment news on 23-02-2013. I completed BSc (Maths, Electronics, ComputerScience).As they said i am eligible to Eng.Assistant post. But when i am trying to enroll my self in Part I Registration at the Qualification column it doesn't shows any Electronics group. It shows Electonics Engineering, Electrical Engineering. So, in these which one i have to pick to my Degree Qualification. Kindly reply me asap.