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what are debentures? What are their features?

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What are public deposits? Why do companies find public deposits attractive?

0 Answers  

what is portfolio ?

5 Answers   Bank Of America, MBA,

What is the need of Trial Balance?

0 Answers   IBPS,

If given a chance to improve the economic situation of the country, what are the various initiatives you will take?

0 Answers   IBPS,

Define general life insurance.

0 Answers   LIC,

please send me wha are the common questions asked in the interview in BPO-NON voice companies?

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Explain Openpages Regulatory Compliance Management?

0 Answers   IBM,

Tell us about your native place and famous places near to it.

0 Answers   SEBI,

Hiii, i have done mba finance after doing biotech. I am now facing many problems in interview as yhey are asking about my biotech back ground and secondly the questions posed by the interviwers consist of core finance and i can't answer as in mba they teach about each subject superficially? What must i do now?

0 Answers  

Do you have any idea about Gold Monetization Scheme?

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

Will I Have To Go To Court?

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why one rupee note is signed by the ministry of finance? is governer has the right to sign this note? is there any interference by the RBI?

10 Answers   College School Exams Tests, Tisco,

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