What is viscosity-coefficient of a liquid?

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Which is the hardest substances know ?

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Cholesterol is a compound suspected of causing hardening of the arteries. The formula of cholesterol is C27H46O. a. A sample of cholesterol is isolated from the arterial lining of a 60-year-old American male. What is the formula of this compound? b. Cholesterol is extracted from a chicken’s egg. What is the formula of this compound?

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Is water element or compound ?

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Why does a pond of clear water appear less deep than it really is?

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What is ignition point ?

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Explain the Electrolytic Method ?

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Why is alum added to purify water ?

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What is soot or lamp black ?

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Why is clinical thermometer used in preference to and ordinary Fahrenheit thermometer ?

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What important property of water makes it possible for plants to grow under it and for animals to live it ?

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What is the resulting solution when benzene and toluene are mixed ?

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why PH scale range is 14? why it is not less or not greater than 14? solution of HCl or hydrogen containing liquid has a PH. but if the solution is KMnO4 here not hydrogen power does it PH? explain plz....

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