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What are the main types of tertiary structure?

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Why can it be said that the enzymatic action is highly specific?

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The ATP synthase of bacteria is an Fl-like particle attached to the a) ends of proto-mitochondria. b) inner surface of the cell (or plasma) membrane. c) outer surface of the cell (or plasma) membrane. d) surface of protonic vesicles.

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what are the effects shown by morphactins on plants?

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What is the difference between the alpha helix and the beta-sheet protein conformations?

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What are carbohydrates used for in living systems?

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What is the constitution of proteins?

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What is the name of the dna duplication process?

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Which are the nucleotides “portions” that bind in the formation of nucleic acids? What is meant by the 5’ and 3’ extremities of nucleic acids?

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what are the two mixed triglycerides?

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How can proteins be denatured and renatured?

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differene between chvostek's sign and trousseau's sign?

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How do the two complementary nucleotide chains of the dna facilitate the replication process of the molecule?

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