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What is Transamination?

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What is Transamination?..

Answer / neha

Transamination is defined as the process of transfer of an
amino(-NH2) group from an aminoacid to a ketoacid.It is
deamination of an aminoacid coupled with amination of a
ketoacid.The principles sites of transamination are
liver,kidney,brain & heart.The transamination is
reversible. All aminoacids except Lysine,threonine,proline,
and hydroxy proline participate in transamination.

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What is Transamination?..

Answer / akshra

The transfer of an amino acid(-NH2)group from an amino acid to a keto acid is known as transamination.This process involves the interconversion of a pair of amino acids and a pair of keto acids ,catalysed by a group of enzymes called transaminases(aminotransferases).

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What is Transamination?..

Answer / nasreen

Most of the organic nitrogen in cells is derived from the &#61537;-
amino group of glutamate, and the primary mechanism by
which the nitrogen is transferred.

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