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How do you find whether any generations exist under a gdg base?

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Explain the meaning of spufi?

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What is the difference between version control and debugging tools?

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pls send the docs of any telecommunication mainframe project

0 Answers   Accent,

When the job statement is used?

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What is the need of running runstats in the test environment?

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What is drda ?

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What is the function of the verb initialize?

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Mainframe project required Postby mache123 » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:10 pm hello..... I want to know about some real time projects.If any one have any Mainframes project, please provide me documentation of it Or else give me the link where can I find that Mainframes projects with Documentation...... or suggest me any if......please

0 Answers   IBM,

Write about a ‘view’ in brief?

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what is copybooks ? structure of copybook and fillers in copybook ? purpose of using copybook ?

2 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

When you are working with the project.. once your coding is over what will u do? where u r maintaining your CR(change request) what is the format what are the documents u need to prepare while testing?

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What do you mean by monitor block?

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